Monday, December 14, 2009

Tachea Somajik Vavrachi Vakhanni Kiteak Zaina?


Tachea Somajik Vavrachi Vakhanni Kiteak Zaina?

Novembrache 28ver Kuwait Goan Association hasreakhall Eslinda Alemao Memorial 7-a side futtboll tournament ghoddoun haddtat mhunn Goychea ani yer mavle thollar tem Kuveittche Inglez paporancher meren jahir zalolem. Id-achi sutti aslolean, hanv poilech pavtti, KIFF-acho (Kuwait India Football Federation) divors zaloleak ho futtboll tournament pollevnk vochpache toyaren astonam, pavsachea devan ghosghoxeanim Kuveitt desar tea disa pavs votoilo. Ani oxe toren futtboll khell rodh vo cancel zalololo to, porche Sukrarak Dezembr 11ver perim zhaddam moiddonar (Shuwaik, Sabha hospitolachea Sport Center moiddonar khubuch perimchim zhaddam{guava trees} aslolean hea moiddonank novem nanv divn dislem) pollevnk mhaka ek vhodd sond favli. Perim zhaddam moiddonar bhitor sortoch yevttin-tevttin nodor ghalit vetanam kitem tori mhaka unnem laglem. Avoy-bapui korta pap bhurgim ditat zap hea Konknni oparechi yad zali. Avoy-bapaichem divors mhonllear bhurgim onath ani eksurim koxim zatat tech toren KIFF ani IFF-achem koslench kharonn naslolea kestavank lagun, porchea futtboll tornamentachea khellak borelech futtboll mogeamni goir-hajri lailoli pollenv ekuch mhojea monant guslem. Deva! Hea Goykarank Tuvenuch samballunk zatat gha!

KGA 2005 vorsa sthaploli. Tacho odheox Salvador Dias apurbayen Salu hea nanvan sogott Kuveittche Goykar taka voddkitat. Novembrache 28ver zavpi futtboll tornament pavsak lagun rodh zalolo to porchea Sukrarachem havomann (weather) pollelear oxem distalem KGA ghoddoun haddtolea disa, mollban kiteak roddunk zai? Mhonnchem, ghele-i Sukrarak Dezembr 11ver sokallche vellar pavsachi xirxiri zhoddtali ani vathoronn thonddayechem zalolem. Ghoddie zait, Salu-baban meloleo khuddi nhessoiloleanche sogott otme ektthaim zaun tache khatir dukham gholloun upkarachim ruddonam kortalim?

Mahan somaz-sevok Salu-babachi lhanxi mullakhat koxi ghenv mhagelea AK hatun uzvaddachem dislem. Dekhunuch perim zhaddam moiddonnar vochun, eka farak don bokim marlim. Bhouch kaman ghuslolo astanam, Salu-baban kimticho vell mhaka dilo. Tacho somajik vavr koxe toren survat zali hem mhaka kollchem aslem. Somaz seva korcho gunn tachea bapai koddlean ailo mhunn tannem vhodde bodayen sanglem. Tachi purai famil avoy-bapui, bhoinn somajik vavurpi mhunn, mhaka ukttailem. Kuveittan somajik vavrachi koxi survat zali hea vixim zannvikai magli tednam tannem sanglem KIFF ghoddoun haddtole futtboll tornamentan to ek vanttekar zatalo ani rogtanuch aslolo somaz sevacho gunn tannem Kuveitt-Goykarank zata te toren adhar divn oddchonni suttaveo korcho vavr suru kelo. Devan dilolo ek sobhavik gunn tachea angan riglolo asa ani to mhonllear melolim moddim nhessoupachem. Kuveittche Sabha hospitolachea moddeakhuddant (morgue) poilech pavtti Maina-Kurtorcho Alex-achem melolem moddem nhessoun Goyant pattoun dilem ani tea uprant nhoinch Goykaranchim punn herui Bharoti Rajyeantlea, Sri Lanka, Filipin, German ani yer Europi Kristi melolea lokachim moddim nhessoilean ani vimanan ganv-ghora pattounchi vevoshta kelea. Modinch, Kuveittan bhouxik sutti (public holidays) aslear ani ganv ghora pattounchi lambai disli zalear, ratchea vellar favo tea Sabha hospitolachea odhikareanchea ghora kodden vochun vevhar potracher tanchi soi (signature) ghevn akxiddentant vo somik mornam (natural death) zalolim melolim moddim ganv-ghora daddun divchi bondabost, kosloch zati-katicho vegllozar dovorinastana keleant ani korta.

[Somaz-Sevok Salvador Dias ho lekh borovpeam thaim uloitanam]

Tachea hea vhodd somajik vavra khatir Colva United Center-an halinch tacho bhovman kela. Punn ojeapanchi ghozal mhonllear Kuveittantlim vhodd-vhodd Goykaranche sonsthanim hea somaz sevokachea vavrachi vakhanni samanya Goykaram modim ugte machier ajun meren kiteak kelim nam? Khoincho dongor addkoli ubeo korta kai? Nidukai? Oxem Goykar choturayen uloilolem aikunk yeta.

Lino B. Dourado

English translation follows:


Tachea Somajik Vavrachi Vakhanni Kiteak Zaina?


Under the Kuwait Goan Association’s banner “Eslinda Alemao Memorial 7-a-side football tournament” is to be organized on November 28th was announced in Goa’s net forums as well as Kuwait’s English newspapers. Due to the break for Eid holidays, this was the first time I was all set to witness football tournament. Since the recent Kuwait India Football Federation cracked up like a divorce matter, the rain gods were also all set for a heavy downpour over Kuwait to show their resentment. And the football tournament which was early postponed finally took place last Friday, December 11th. I had the opportunity to witness the matches on the heavily surrounded ‘Gauva (fruit) Trees’ at Shuwaikh’s Sabah Hospital’s Sport Centre Grounds – a rare sight which took me by surprise!

As I entered the area, I found something odd as I looked around at the surroundings full of ‘Guava and other Trees’. The sins are committed by the parents and the children bear the blunt (consequences), the Konkani saying I recollected that moment. As happens when the parents are divorced, the children become lonely, the same is thought to have happened with KIFF and IFF, ofcourse without much ado. Such thoughts crossed my mind as I moved about in the midst of the football lovers who gathered around. Oh Almighty, could you please protect these Goans!

Kuwait Goan Association (KGA) was established in the year 2005. It’s president is Salvador Dias who is affectionately called ‘Salu’ by all Kuwait Goans. The scheduled November 28th tournament was cancelled due to the incessant rains which was re-scheduled for Friday. One could feel by the looks at the weather that the clouds wished to cry whenever KGA is all set for the day. Meaning that on Friday, December 11th there was a slight drizzle early morning and a cold pleasant breeze blew. May be, it looked liked the souls whose mortal remains Salu assisted in their final journey from the morgues to their resting place (or flights back home) were all shedding tears of gratitude! The serene winds echoed in rhyme to sort of confirm this personification!

On my request Salu-Bab was kind enough to give us a small interview which we thought to publish in my ‘Aitaracheo Katkutleo’. That’s the reason we thought to catch two birds in one shot and hence landed on the ‘Guava Trees’ Grounds. In spite of his heavy involvement he spared a few minutes of his time in between the ongoing tournament matches. Firstly I wanted to know from him how his interest in ‘social service’ developed in the first instant. With great pride and respect he mentioned that such in-born wishes cascaded from his father’s interest to help and assist the needy. I have watched him from childhood, he said matter of factly. Salu’s family including one of his beloved sisters have been involved in social services for a very long time. While questioning him how he got himself involved in such services in Kuwait, he mentioned that whenever KIFF organized football tournaments, he whole heartedly participated with his team(s). From his inborn talents which runs in his blood, it was for the first that he went to the Al-Sabah Hospital morgue when his fellow Curtorim-Maina villager, Alex, died in Kuwait. Arrangements were made to repatriate his mortal remains as per his family’s wishes. It was on this day that he had to dress-up the mortal remains for the very first time as there was nobody coming forward. Thereafter not only he assisted Goans but also other Indians, Srilankans, Filipinos, Germans as well as other European Catholics, running hitter-thether from the embassy, ministries, hospitals, translation offices, airlines offices to complete the required number of formalities. Needless to say, a lot of time, patience and sacrifices are need to undergo such tedious tasks. In some instances, whenever there were public holidays and fearing delays in transporting the mortal remains of accident victims or natural causes death, back to their home country, he has on several occasions made a dash to the offices and homes of the concerned officials for approvals and signatures. This services he extended to all without any bias of religion, caste and nationality.

In recognition of his great efforts towards social services for the Indian community, Colva United Centre-Kuwait honoured Salvador Dias during their recently held annual ‘Colva Day’ programme.

But what’s surprisingly is, the many so-called leading Goan associations in Kuwait did not even think of this social worker to recognize his effects to the Goans at large to-date? Which mountains withstood in-between them to decide about it?
Jealousy? Goans are thoughtfully listening to it?

Lino B. Dourado

Sunday, October 25, 2009

AITARACHEO KATKUTLEO: Topasni Korchi, Skuttor Cholovchi

Topasni Korchi, Skuttor Cholovchi

Otumbrache 16ver Divalichea adlea disa ‘Sanatan Sanstha’-che dog bhagidar skuttor choloitana, okosmat skuttorint bomb-sfott zaun te zokmi zale ani fattim-fuddem somple. Bhirante vinnem skuttor cholovpi kalcho Goykar kitem kai mhollear, aichi bhirankull poristithi pollevn ghora kodden dovorlolea skuttorichi fattlean-fuddlean topasni korun Devachea nanvan skuttorir bostat mhunn, oxi amkam khas khatrecha mon’xa koddsun kollit zalam.

Sumanacho bazar haddunk mhunn ghel’li Suresh Borkarachi mahest ghorkarnn bazar korinastana, ritea hatamni ghora portololi pollevn, to ekdom thotaklo. Tachi ghorkarnn Sudha, ghorant bhitor sorche-sorun aroddli.

“Khoinchea disa tumi mhaka bazarant vochunk sanglem?”

“Age, havem sangil’lem tuka bazarant vochunk? Sunaprant disaleak, takhtin ek lekh dhaddunk zai dekhun, falleam boroboruch bazarak vechem mhunn tuka sangil’lem havem. Punn tum aikopi? Apnnalench khorem korpi mhu? Tum oxi ritea hatani portupak, Moddganvchea bazarak zalam kitem?”

“Bosiveli dhenvun bazara dixen cholunk laglim zalear, sorbhonvtim pulisamni purayen bazarak veddo ghatla. Pulis ani pulis-kuttre bazarak tenkhun axill’lea motorink, skuttorink topasnni kortale tem pollevn mhaka dista bazarak konnem tori porchea bhaxenn bomb ghatla. Ani he bhirantin, jiv aslear bhik magin mhunn ghora portolim.”

“Kosli bhivkulli ostori ghe tum? Kitem chol’lam tem pulisank vicharchem aslem. Tem asum atam. Nigttoch mhaka Sunaprant sompadpeacho fon ail’lo ani tannench kollit kelam bazarak tekhun asull’lea vahanam (vehicles) Goychi Bomb Disposal Squad pulis ani pulisanche kuttre topasnni kortat mhunn”


“Az Somar nhi ghe? Son’var ani Aitar sutti aslolean Divali porbek choddan chodd bazarantlim mhuki lojam bond axill’lim. Sumanantlo poilo dis mhonntoch, lokachi ghorddi zatoli nhi? Ani ghorddi asta thoim, porche bhaxen atankvadi faido kaddit mhunn, lokache surekxe khatir pulisamni pavl marlam asot.”

“Ani zannaim?”

“Sang nhi”

“Mhoje bhazuk bosil’leo bailo mhaka sangot skuttorintlea bomb-sfottan, skuttoricher bosun axill’lea mon’xanche kulle ani kiturancho nas zalo khoim.”

“Xi hollxig! Pozddeo ostoreo muge teo. Bomb-sfottan mon’xache kuddichem kasgi sandde pinztole vo na ghe?”

“Asum tem. Punn ek mhaka somzona, he bomb Narkasur ratik ghalunk tankam yevzol’lem koxem?”

“Nosto akantvadeacho hetu zaun aslo Goychea lokacho Narkasur dobajo piddear korchelo. He Hindu dhormvadi ‘Santan Sonstha’-cho arop mhollear Narkasur bobajo korun denvcharak vhoddponn divop. Ani dusrem mhollear itihas uspilear dhorm jatim modim duspott ani ttenxonn aslolem Moddganvchem xar. Poromporik dhormacho riti samballun ail’lea Goykaram modim duspott korchelo tancho hetu. Age chol. Tujem lagim uloit ravlear mhozo lekh sompcho nam. Pisvi toyar kor. Tintear tori vochun baji-palo ghevn yetam.”

Lekh sompoilea uprant to tintear vochunk nheslo. Mezar dovorloli pisvi ani skuttorachi chavi ghetli. Skuttorixim vochun skuttor start korchea vellar taka kosli tori yiad zali. Divalechi porob aslolean ghele 4 dis skuttor ghevn to khoim vochunk nam. Tannem skuttorichem seat ugtem kelem. Voir sokol skuttorichi topasni kortana tachi ghorkarnn Sudha bhair yevn vicharlem.

“Tumi ojun vochunk nant? Skuttor cholona?”

“Sanatan Sanstha-chi khobor divpi Abhay Vartak sanglam, bomb-sfottan somplolea Malgunde Patil ani Yogesh Naik hanchea skuttorin kone tori bomb ghalun dovorlole mhunn. Dekhunuch hanv skuttorichi topasnni kortalom.”

“Tum khoinchea sonvsthen samil asa tor? Tujer bomb ghalunk?”

“Ami lekhok nhi ghe? Amchi borpavoll kritika viret sompta? Zaitea zannank mhozo kirodd asa nhi? Thodde tor mhojer bezaruch asat. Khasgi jivitacher atak korta nhi hanv? Dubhav pois korunk skuttorachi topasnni kelear bori nhi? Bonka poddim bomb-sfottan mhagelea sursuretacho nas zalear?”

Lino B. Dourado

AITARACHEO KATKUTLEO: Walkover? Ttenxon Kiteak?

Walkover? Ttenxon Kiteak?

Chalu vorsachea Otumbrache 1ler thavn 50 hozaram voir mahest-denngi (gifts-in-kind) ditoleak, kor (tax) lagu zatolo mhunn, Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) hannim IT Act 1961 hacher haddarun kaido chalik laila. Denngikaran vo denngi divpean affidavit korun, denngi ghetoleachem avoy, bapui, dhuv, put, bhav vo bhoinn koslem natem (kin) asa tem jahir kelear, tankam voilo kor lagu zavncho nam, oxem CBDT odhikarean fuddem kolit kelam.

Camilo boro bhurgo zalear ek khoddegant futboll khellgodi. Futboll moidonar to porzollta. Sodanch to aple ttimink zoit dita ani tannem goal marun dilolea zoitachi khobor sogllea disaleancher chappun yeta mhunntoch, tachem nanv vollkiche zaun ghelam. Tachea khellpache huxarkayek ani bore xistik lagon, ganvchea bhatkarachea tegam dhuvantli vhoddli dhuv mogan asa. Camilo modlea klasintlo zaun aslolean, zati-kati manddpi bhatkar, aple vhoddle dhuven vichun kaddlolea soirigotticher ragar zata ani tacho mog nhoikarunk aple dhuvek koddok utramni xiddkaita. Punn jitt khellpi dhuve mukhar bapaichem xannponn cholona zaun, Camilo ani Joan-achi ixttagott, fuddlea mhoineant thavn kazarachea ekvottan ghott zaunchi asa. Punn….

Porchea disaleacher voili bhatmi vachun, Camilo bexttoch pertubado (disturb) zala. Khorem mhollear tannem vhokoll-bai Joan-achea ghorchea thaim, dott nhoi mhunn dennem magunk nam. Joan-achea girest avoy-bapaichi khuxi, aple morgadd dhuvek ek flett, gaddi, ani her vilaxi (luxurious) mahest-dennem koxem divnchem. Oxem tor, voir aslole bhatme pormonnem Joan-achea bapain, apnnalem dhuvek gifts in kind dita mhunn tannem affidavit toyar korun, IT odhikareank kollit korunk nibel gorjechem. Ani oxem zalolem Camilo-k naka aslem. Kiteak? Lok khoim somzotolo? Dottivinem to kazar zala mhunn? Voilea kaidean, tachim chintnam padd ghalim. Ani tatuntlean tatum anik ek dhoko mhollear, kalchea Sunkrarak hea vorsantli futboll league suru zaunchi asloli. Kaim futboll mahasongoth- ache (football federation) sokoile dorjeche vagnnukek lagon, league-k khelltole ttimini futboll moidonar walkover diun, fuddarak hea movsomantli league chalu astoli vo nam ho ek vhodd prons dor ek farik kelolea khellgoddeak, chintnachea moidonar xennoila. Ani hem pikasanv Camilo-k sottaitana….

“So what! Tuzo futboll khell tuka posta? Hoi? Tor kitem zalem? Tumche ttimin walkover dilear? Ani tum mhaka kitem sangunk aila? Mhojea mogacher walkover …….”

“Joana please! Hea vellar mhojim bhavnnam (feelings) somoz…”

“Koslim bhavnnam? Mhojea moga vonn tuzo futboll khell vhodd? Mogacho teag havem keleat. Tujea moga khatir mhojea bapai koddlean nixttur utrancho mar khaila. Tuka, tuzo futboll khell vhodd vo hanv?”

“Aikun ghe! Futbollavixim hanv titlem ttenxon ghena. Don mhoinem uprant gifts in kind ho kaido pas korunk zai aslo mhunn, hanvem tuka poir ugddas kelolo. Havem tuzo niz mog kela. Tuje bore gunn ani vagnnunk mhoje avoyk avoddlolean, ticheach axirvaddan havem tuka mhojem korun ghetlam, ani nhoi tuje bapaichea gireskayek bhulon.”

“Oh I see! Hem sodanch tum mhaka sangot aila. Tor kitem zalem mhozo avoy-bapui aple kkuxen mhaka mahest-dennem dita zalear?”

“Amkam flett kiteak zai aslem? Amchem lhanxem ghor……..”

“Hum! Atam somzolim. Mhojem aik Mhaka flett zai mhunn, havem mhojea bapaik vinonti keloli”

“Punn kiteak?”

“Vachunk nam tuvem? Hea disamni gorom-gorom paper-ancher chappun yetoli bhatmi”


“All India Mother-in-law Protection Forum, hachi”

“Hi kosli sonstha?”

“Amchea Bharotan joint family poddot asa. Kazar zolole put ekach ghorant ravtat ani tanchi avoy ghor choloita. Sun-sasumaimcho vadvivad zaun thodde pavtti sune koddlean sasuk opmanachea utrancho mar khavncho poddtta. Ken’nai hangar hat zata. Hem soglle char vontti bhitor cholta. Bhailo somaz sasumaimchem dukh aikunk toyar nam. Dekhunuch, sunam koddlean tras nam mellche mhunn Dil’li, Mumbai-che sasumaimni andolona (campaign) suru keleant. Lohu-lohu korun, Bharot desachea dusrea prathant pavtolim ani Goyam pavunk fattim nam.”

“Tor kitem zalem? Mhoji avoy, sunnek tras ditoli tosli nhi.”

“Kazar zavnchea adim ek rong asta ani kazara uprant topia bhaxen rong bodolta. Irlexe chukik vo somzonenk lagon maim-sunechem kestanv suru zata”

“Osli dharunai tujea vo mhojea avoy sovem ghoddchi nam”

“Ani ti ghoddchea adim, mhojea bapain mhoji surokxe khatir mhaka 3 bed rumamchem flett toyar kelam. Az tumche ttimin walkover ghetlo mhunn tuka khub ttenxon zalam. Toslim ttenxona sonsunk, mhojea bejeak sokott nam. Tea khatir, kazar zalea uprant tuje avoyk, walkover divnchea adim ami amchea flettan ravunk ghelear chodd borem zatolem”

“Punn mhoji maim……”

“Chodd uloilear kaddun hatant ditolim”


“Tuvem diloli utrachi mudi…”

Lino B. Dourado

Thursday, October 22, 2009

AITARACHEO KATKUTLEO: This is Wrong Number Baby

This is Wrong Number Baby

Kalchea Son'vara, Febrerache 14ver, mhagelea mobilar ek SMS sondhex ailo ˜I have liked many, but loved very few, yet no one has been as sweet as you. Happy Valentine's Day“ Shoba"

Mhagelem kalliz ghoss zalem. Mhageli nidh udli. Kallzache dhape (hearts beats) choddle. Shoba? Nanv vollkichem koxem kat laglem. Khoim tika dhoddil'lom gai hanv? Yad yena zali. Mhagelea mobilar nond zal'le tigele ankdde, topasle. Mhagelem mon don toren bhogun (divided) ghelem. Konnem tori mhojer moskoreo korunk na mhu? Vo ghoddie chukon tigelea Valentine-ank dhaddlolo sondhex, mhagelea mobilan giulo gai? Yevzunk poddlom.

Valentine's Day, ek kherit mog kornarancho dis. Tambdde rongit ful diun aple kallzache ubav dakholl kortat. Niz premi, to dis sangatak sartat, jevonn-khan ani ekuch bottlint don straws ghalun thond-pivonn (cold drinks) piyetat. Ani tea disa tangelem rongar ail'lem prem-natem polloun, thoddeank kuzli zata ani pottant chabunk lagta. Ani hi puschim sonskruttai, (western culture) amchea oslea Bharotichea sonvskrutti add veta mhunn sangun, aplo nixedh jahir kortat. Tornatteamni ani odhik korun kolejik vetolea vidhearteamni, be-moriadik (vulgar) chal-rit vapddit zalear tancher zobordosten kharvai kortole mhunn Sri Ram Sena loskorin, Valentine Dis paltoleank ek koddok xiddkavnni dilea, ani dekhunuch kachabull zalolea mulltotv'vadeank (fundamentalist) budd xikoichea khatir The Pink Chaddi Campaign Febrerache 5ver, 2009 thavn suru kelea, ani mogan fottovlolea ani nirxelolea Shri Ram Sena-chea fuddareank ani vangddeank ˜pink chaddis" dhaddcheo kelam.

Valentine Dis-ak virodh dakhoitole Sri Ram Sena-che fuddari, tanchea jivitan, mogachea khellant harleat, dukhovleat ani dekhunuch te nixedh porgottaitat. Mogacho orth tankam somzulolo zalear az him pixeaponnam sonvskrutti nanvan cholchim naslim. Korem mhollear, mog fokot ekuch disacho nhoi. Khoro mog jivitbhor togpak zai. Mogan bandloli dori vhodd tufan ailear pasun tuttun vocho na. Vorixtt vaddoll-mollak fuddo korun jivitache koxtti kantte mostun mog fuddem cholot veta. Ani khorelea mogak konnench addavunk zaina. Ghoddie pormesvor Ram-an, aplo mog dakhounk Sitak ful dil'lem astolem. (Hanv chuklom zalear konnem tori mhaka sarkem sangchem). Mogache xhime bhair vochum nastana, vorsantle 365 disantlo ek dis mekleaponnan sarunk mogeank dilo zalear, kitem zata gai?

Korea mogacher sonvskruttichea nanvan boball kortolea mulltotv'vadeank, Karnataka-che bhaduray (courageous) ostoreamni aplo tallo uttailolo polleun khoreanich tankam cheppem kaddchelem. Ani fuddarak Goyant, Goychea ostoreanchi cholvoll, pulisanchea hatank kounchechim kanknnam pattoun divchelim zaunk zai. Kiteak? Goyant ostoreancher onit (injustice) zata ti Bharot desachea khuimcheach pratant zainam dekhun.

Mhaka SMS sondhex pattoitoli ostori somzoli astoli, tigelo sondhex tigelea khorelea mogiak pavlo koso. Wrong number-ar sondhex pavla mhunn tika kollounchem oxem mhaka dislolean hanvem ankdde dhamble. Mhojeach fonank ravtolea porim, ekuch ring zotkean tinnem aplo fon ukol'lo ani mhaka ˜hello" mhonnpak sondi dinastana, soroll tinnem mhonnlem.

˜Thanks for your pink chaddi. You see, see. I am just stand in front of the mirror. I like how your love just fits on me"

Hello, hello. Listen to me. This is wrong.., ani mhojem aikonastana tinnem fon bond kelo.

Lino B. Dourado


Aitaracheo Katkutleo - An Eyeful a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


An Eyeful a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

˜Lulu HyperMarket-an bhitor sorpa vatter astona, mhozo mobile vazlo. Fon korpi ixttak hanvem sanglem, Indian fresh halal mutton vikot ghevnk hanv khas ailam. Tacho vichar mhaka:

Ghelea don sumana adim tuvem ˜Tuji Bholaiki Tujea Hatant’ ho lekh boroilolo, ani tatunt tuvem, bhajipallo vo torkari khailear bholaiki ghottmutt dovorpak zata mhunn sol'lo (advise) dil'lo. To konnank?

Thodde vachpi, mhagele lekh mon divn vachtat mhunn tea disa mhaka kollun ailem. Hanv khos! Sigerett, mon'xachea arogeak ekdom vaitt ani hache vixim lekh boroitolo zalear, borovpean khaxea sigerett oddchi oxem na. Saud koxi-kat samballchi tem protek mon'xachea hatant asa. Anik thoddim vorsam, sonvsari jivit togpa khatir, sabar lok bholaike vixim vachop korun apnnale saudechi bouch kallji ghetat. Ani oxem kelear, tujea duensancho sota tunch voiz zata, ani bhailea voizachi titli goroz asona mhonntat.. Dekhunuch, aicho-i lekh bholaikecheo katkutleo korun boroitam

Amche Goyant, adim aikonk naslolim duesanchim nanvam dispotim disaleancher, atam ami vachtat. Minacho dhonddo choltole vatarantlea lokakachea nak-tonddantleant dhull bhitor vochun ˜liver-achem duens chodda promann zavnk laglam. Adim bhov thoddem kankr vo cancer piddechi gozal ami aikololi, punn atam tem ek main killer disease mhollear fott zavnchi na. Kaim follam vegim pikpachea khatir tancher koslo tori rosayonik (chemical) upeog kortat mhunn kolun ailam. Ani tacho porinam kankr piddek boli poddpacho ek soeg. Punn vhodd bhirantechem mhollear thannacho kankr (breasts cancer) tornne ostoreancher chodd promannem zavnk lagla tem pollevn Goychem voiziki xastr ghuspagoddolak poddlolem asa.

Tornatteo ostoreo breasts cancer-ache pidden kostovtoleachi gozal tumchea dolleam mukhar dovortana, dusre vatten novi pollovnni (survey) kelea tea pormonnem, daddlea mon'xan ostoreche thannank vo breasts chittkun polloilear char tem panch vorsam odik bholaikechem jivit favo zata mhunn sodpus kortoleanim (researchers) sodun kaddlam

Germany-che Dr. Karen Weatherby hannem, 200 daddlea mon’xancher panch vorsancho sod (research) kelea uprant, tun-tunit ostoreanche ubar aslole xatier disantlean 10 minutam dollebhor nodor ghalear lingi zag heun, (sexual excitement) rogtachem ghollop bore toren zaun, presanv ani kallzachem duens komi korta mhunn Ingladachea New England Journal of Medicine’ hea voiziki potrar vachunk mellta. Tancho obeas dakholl korta, disantleant thoddeo minutam monbhulavnnecho halchal korpi daddlo, bholaikecho chodd lab gheta khoim. Punn khoinche ostorecher? Sodanch disti poddtolea aplech ghorkanniche vo dusre ostoreche xaticher chittkun nodor dovorlear? Hem mat khoinsoruch vachunk mellonam.

Ani jednam ek ghorkar low-cut nheslolea ostorecher vankhddi nodor ghalta tednam, ghorkarnnin somzochem aplo ghorkar lamb jivit jieunk tozvit korta. Goyche ostoreamni, aplem nhesop moriadi bhitor dovorun aple kuddichi mansugi samballchi.. Na tor, dusrea daddleanchi bholaikechi xikar, ghoddie tum zait.

Lino B. Dourado

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lino dis tuzo aiz zolmancho (23vi Septembra-chi)

Mogall Lino bab,

Aiz 23 September tuzo zolmancho dis anink hea nimitan aum
aiz sondhi ghetam ho mozo vers ghoddunk anink hea versantlean
tuka aunddeonk mojea navan toxench soglea amchea Goanetters

On behalf of me and all Goanetters I wish you Lino a very Happy
Birthday and many happy returns of the day.


L ino dis tuzo aiz zolmancho
I ndiek Goeam Utorda gaum ho tumcho
N eketr tum Konknichem, divo uzvaddacho
O ssoch sodanch porzollot to raumcho

B uroun 'aitaracheo kaskuleo' Goanettar
khoxi korta jiu sogleancho

D evan tuka sabar denneanim bhorcho
O kondd tum khambo Konkni bhaxecho
U runk sodanch mozbut hoch hetu amcho
R akonn korta dekun amche Roman Konkni lipicho
A iz Goanettar vomptam ho kirkoll jhelo fulancho
D invaxi kalzan bhoman korun tujea vauracho
O xinch buroupam dhiunk khup khup vorsam Devan tuka dovorcho

Warm regards,

Cypriano Fernandes
(Riyadh, K.S.A.)

& the Team

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Konkani Nibonn'd Pustok AITARACHEO KATKUTLEO

(Konkani Essays)
Boroupi: Lino. B. Dourado

Crystal-Love Prakaxon
Utorda, Goy

AITARACHEO KATKUTLEO’ Pustok hangasor melltat:
MARGOA: Zito Almeida (Cine Lata lagsor), Remedian Vaz Book Stall (Pornnem Bazarant). M P Raikar Book Stall (Bank of India lagsor), Narayan D. Munz (Bombay Café lagsor)
PANJIM: Singbal’s Book House (Near the Church), St. Paul ’s Book Store (Near Bombay Bazar) Varsha Book Stall (Near Ponnje-Betim Ferry Jetty)
PONDA: Roop Rohan Agency (Near Public Café) Parish Youth (Mount Carmel Chapel)
PILAR: Prof. Jose Salvador Fernandes (9881810832)
MAJORDA: Nile General Store & Book Stall
UTORDA: Parish Youth (Our Lady of Lourdes Church)
KUWAIT: Team (Mob: +965 66564875)
Email: vo

Hem pustok Goa Konknni Akademiche "Poilo Chonvor Arthik Yevzonne"
khal chhaplam.

Poili Avurti: 2008
(First Edition)

Uzavddavpi (Publisher)
Dourado Brothers
Gabriel Cruz-Utorda
P.O. Majorda, Goay - 403713

Chhapp'pi (Printers):
Amruststan Pilar ITI
Pilar, Goy.

Mol: 45/- Rupia.

Konkani Nibonn'd Pustok AITARACHEO KATKUTLEO


Ho Mhozo Vavr Mhojea Sorgest Avoy ani Bapaik
Antonneta Dourado
Martinho Filipe Dourado
(Mistri Dourado)

Omar Ugddasak Bhettoytam


Lino Baptisto Dourado. Zolm': 23vi Setembr 1953. Ganv, Ut'torda. Mazodd'dechea St. Anthony iskolant dhavi meren xikla. Tea uprant, Farmagudichea nanvostea Indian Technical Institute-ant 2 vorsam bhouch huxarkayen Mechanical Course kela. Sod'deak, vetbhor pottak lagun Kuveitt desant nokri korta. Kosli ti ghalum-ia? Na zalear komponichem tori nanv? Umanv tuka khuxi zalearuch ghalum-ia, na zalear 'forget.'
Lhanponnaruch thavn borovpachi avodd. Goy toxench Mumboichean uzvadda yeupi Uzvadd, Vavraddeancho Ixtt, Cine Times, 0 Heraldo, Navhind Times, Gulab, The Goan Review, Jivit, PoddBimb ani sabar potram-masikancher kotha, kovita ani vegllea-vegllea vixoyamvele lekh boroyleat. Kuveittache Arab Times ani Kuwait Times- ar-ui boroupam korta.
Kuveittantlea 'United Club of Utorda'sonvsthecho Sol'lagar (advisor). Kuveittachea desant Konknni Ek-Anki Nattkancho Spordha ghoddun haddun, liplelea kolakarank apli kola Kuveittache rong machier dakounk eksarko ut'tejon diupi. Dor Aitarak Gulf-Goans Newsletter ( ani hea maule ghorancher Aitaracheo Katkutleo vibhaga khal boroupam korta., ani Mongllurchea hea tin-ui website-ink boroupam udexim mhotvachem yogdan dita.Goyche akaxvannicher khell-tiatrant bhag ghetla. Kantaram boroun rong-machier gayleant ani konn-ui polletoleanchem mon jikhun ghevpa sarkeo tiatramni khoddegantt bhumika-i keleat. Ganvchea bhurgeank tiatr xikoun machier haddleat. 1976 vorsa Konn To Xapayho tacho tiatr boroch gazlo.


Gõykaranchi Raj bhas zavn asa Konknni. Konknni bhas Konkan vattarantlea lokak ekvottan samballta. Konknni bhas uloupak, somzupak, xikpak ani borovpak, ekdom sompi! Az amkam V-Ixtt, Gulab, Dor Mhoinneachi Rotti, The Goan Review, Jivit adi. potram-masikam Konknniche Romi lipientlean uzvadda ailelim vanchunk melltat, tancher zai zalear borovnk mellta. Bhurgeach pirayer thavn Lin-bab B.Douradon hea Konknni potram-masikancher ani fattlea kaim vorsamni ‘internet’-ar Gõychea potr-chittincher (forums) neamit borovn, Konknni vachpeank sumanachea sumanak umedir dovrit aila.
Linobaba-n ek dis “bori khobor asa, amchem pas kelem” oxem kitem tori fonavelean sangpak survat keli. Tedna mhaka sodanche porim to moskoreamni uloyta kai dislem. “Mhoji borpavoll Goa Konkani Academin pustok-rupan uzvadda haddpak maneotay dilea”! Him tachim utram aikonam fuddem, hanvem taka mhojim porbim dilim ani fuddem ttanch marpak sanglem.
Kaim vellan Bab Lino-baban portean ekdam fon kelo. “Tuvem mhojea pustokak ‘Prostavona’ borovpak zay. He pavttichi tachi hi gozal aikun hanvem thottakun mhonnlem. “Saiba bhogos!”. Sodanchea porim khaltikayen, hanvem vhodd ani fanki Gõykar Konknni borovpeanchim taka nanvam sangun, tanche modlea ekleachean boroum yeta oxem taka suchoylem. Punn tannem mhojem sangnnem kanar ghevnk na. ‘Prostavona’ hanvench borovchim mhonn tannem hott dhorlo.
Oi, Utordecho Lino-bab, aplea ani ghorcheanchea vetbhor pottak lagun Kuveittant nokri korta. To sogllea Konknni borovpeam modim eke vegllech toren borovpam korta mhunn sanglear otitay zavchi na! Tachea Aitaracheo Katkutleo pustokachem poilem tem nim’nnem pan ek divirtiment zalolea porim tumkam dipkavn dovortolem. Tachim borovpam, tacheo kovita sundor, sullsullit ani vorixtt vixoyancher astat. Eke kherit toren vachpeanchim monam umedichea somdirant xennoytana, vachlam tacher il’loso niyall korpa sarko to vachpeank girob dita. He tachem kheritponn, tachi style!
Tachi ek lhan Konknni kovita vachlea uprant mhaka tachi vollok zal’li! Tachim kaim borovpam Konknni potr-masikamni vachunk mell’lim. Tedna, Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter, Gõychea fanki website-ar tachim borovpam uzvadda haddpak amkam urba aili! Lino babachim borovpam Linocheo Aitaracheo Kaskutleo oddik fankarunk, tachea borovpak lagu zata toslim kaim ‘moving graphics’ ani Gõychea chitram-fottvancho vapor korun, tim vachpeank ruchichim ani gostachim kelim. Az sumar panch vorsam sorlim to neamit Internet-ar toxench Gõychea potr-masikancher borovpam korun sovnsarachea dor ek konnxak aslelea Konknni vachpeak aplea borovpantlean umedicheo katkutleo korta. Pordesan ravn Konknnicho bavtto voir ubarun dovortoleak, khorench dor eka Gõykaran chepem kaddunk favo.
Konknni borovpachi Lino-babachi umed lhanponnaruch thavn suru zali. Az to 53 vorsanche pirayer pavla, ani aichea kallar to korta tim somajik ani her vixoyachim borovpam ani kovita uncha molacheo asat. Taka amchi xabaski. Goa Konkani Academichea odhikareank-ui pordesant thavn hanv porbim ditam, kiteak, Lino-babachim, Gõyche poromporik ani chal-rit-rovisancher attaplolim kolponik ani ugddas urtat toslim borovpam mandun ghevn, tim pustok rupan uzvaddavnk tinnem maneotay dili. Konknni mogeank-vachpeank hem pustok ek ‘collector’s item’ koxem asa mhunn khatren sangunk mhaka boll zata.
Lino-bab Kuveittchea United Club of Utorda sonvstheacho ek okhond khambo. Ek-Anki Nattkulleanchi spordha machier haddpak, vo lhan bhurgeank kantaram borovn divpak, tim gavpak tankam ‘training’ divpak to sodanch fuddem. Novea toxench bhurgea kolakorank machier sondi divok, Konknni borovpeank aplo adar-mozot divop hi tachi avodd ani umed. Tancheo thoddeo kovita manachea Konknni machievelean kantoristamni fankarleat. Aitaracheo Katkutleo pustokachea rupan Konknni mollar anik ek pormollit ani domdomit ful ful’lem mhunn mhaka khoxalkay bhogta. Oi, Konknni amchi osmitay, amchem khaxeleponn, amchi sonvskrutay. Lino-baban hi apli osmitay, khaxeleponn ani sonvskrutay aplea hea Aitaracheo Katkutleo pustokantlean samball’lea. Xab’bas Linobab!
Aitaracheo Katkutleo hem pustok. Lino-baban aplea somplolea avoy-babaychea godd ugddasak bhettoylam. Bab Lino-babak hea pustokachea rupan boro ies anvddetam, ani veginch dusrim tachim borovpam ani kovita, zata title vegim pustok rupan uzvadda yevpak tankam saude-bholaiki magtam. Toxench, tacher Rochnar Devachim upott bhesanvam magtana, borovpantlean hansovpachi tachi kola fulchi ani vaddchi mhunn anvddetam.

Gaspar Almeida
Parra, Goy

Hea "Aitaracheo Katkutleo" borovpantlo akh'kho vo thoddo bhag tiatr, khel-tiatr, ek-anki nattok, nattkulem, cholchitr vo her khoincheach rupan, borovpeachi porvangi xivay vaprunk zavchona. Porvangi mellovnk hea pot'tear e-chitt pattovchi: